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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at NoSleepMas, we aim to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Please check if the answer to your question already exists here before sending us an email as the answer may already be here.

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Are the prices listed per person or do they cover the total amount for the occupancy? So for example, is the deposit for a double occupancy package $1000 or $2000 total?
What is your refund policy?
What hotel is included in the package?
Do I get to pick the fetes or are they decided by NSM?
What band does NSM play with? Am I able to pick the band I want to participate in?
Are trips to the fetes on a shuttle that leaves and picks up at a certain time, or is transport based on my preference? For example, if the transportation for the fete leaves the hotel at 8pm and then returns at 4am, but I want to go to the fete at 11pm and leave at 2am, do I have to hire a taxi
Can I add a rental car to my package?
Does NSM have a sample itinerary for 2024?
What if I have more questions? How will NSM communicate with me?